Boy, 5, Banned From After-School Program For Wearing Dresses

Boy, 5, Booted From After-School Group For Wearing Dresses

A young boy in Rugby, England, reportedly has been barred from his after-school playgroup for wearing princess dresses.

Romeo Clarke, 5, adores pink and owns more than 100 dresses and eight pairs of high heels, according to the Telegraph.

"He's just a boy who loves dresses," the boy's mom, Georgina, told the paper. "I'm used to it now, its just him."

But the mother, who told the Mirror that Romeo enjoys acting out the "Frozen" princess parts with his three big sisters, isn't about to let it go. She lodged a complaint against the Rugby Christian Fellowship Church's after-school Buzz Program and said the lad won't be returning.

Bex Venables, the minister in training at the church, confirmed in the tabloid that the family has been told that Romeo must "wear clothing of the gender stated on his registration form, which states male. This request is no different from what is asked by his school, where he wears a boy's uniform."

While Romeo's mother asserts that the parents she spoke to said neither they nor their children had a problem with Romeo's attire, Venables said the restriction was made to avoid confusion and potential teasing.

"If Romeo was a Juliet, and she owned, say, one hundred superhero costumes, no one would bat an eyelash," one Jezebel reader observed.

Many other Jezebel commenters also supported Romeo, but some questioned why any child would own more than 100 dresses at that age.

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