5-Year-Old Boy Battling Cancer Becomes A Police Officer For A Day

Shavez Forte even got to catch a real bad guy.

A 5-year-old Massachusetts boy who is battling stage 4 cancer got to fulfill a special dream this week: to become a police officer.

On Monday, Shavez Forte was sworn in as an honorary member of the Pittsfield Police Department.

Wearing a pint-sized navy-colored uniform, Shavez told his new colleagues that "the first thing he wanted to do was catch a bad guy," the department said. So, after being given a tour of the station, the boy assisted his new partner, Officer Darren Derby, in making an arrest of an assault suspect.

"People in uniform are their heroes," Derby told TWC News. "That's what they see on TV. They want to be a fireman. They want to be a police officer and catch bad guys. And he got that opportunity today."

The officer said it wasn't just a special day for the little boy, but an unforgettable experience for him as well.

"My whole goal in wearing this uniform is to help those in need, and that's ultimately what we're here for," Derby told TWC News. "It's kind of taken over me emotionally -- I'm almost at a loss for words when I'm with him."

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