Boy Dying Of Leukemia Asks For Racing Stickers To Cover His Coffin

Caleb Hammond, 11, of Oskaloosa, Iowa, has been an auto racing fan since he was 2 years old.

When treatments for leukemia stopped working for Caleb Hammond, 11, his family decided it was time for him to leave the hospital and return to his home in Oskaloosa, Iowa, to live out his remaining days.

After a year and a half of difficult medical procedures, including a medically induced coma, chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, Caleb is focusing on the kinds of things most kids do, like playing with Legos, The Des Moines Register says.

As he faces his mortality at such a young age, he has made one request. He is asking people to send him auto racing stickers, so his coffin can be covered with them.

Caleb has been a fan of auto racing since he was 2 years old, The Associated Press reports.

And the auto racing community is responding to his request, Jalopnik writes. Team Kids With Cancer Racing 46-7, a nonprofit that raises money for children with cancer, even arranged for Caleb to get behind the wheel of a stock car for a six-lap heat at Southern Iowa Speedway last Saturday.

Caleb was all smiles as he enjoyed his day at the speedway.

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