Boy George Walks The Red Carpet With Bruise–Like Makeup, Says He's A 'Fashion Victim'

Boy George likes to cause a stir and that was especially true as he walked the red carpet at Wednesday night's Brit Awards (Feb. 19). The singer appeared beaten and battered as he posed for photos, but not due to any actual injury.

In fact, the Culture Club star's injury was completely intentional. It was all makeup.

We know what you're thinking. Why on earth would Boy George walk around with a black eye intentionally? But may we remind you -- this is Boy George we're talking about. He is all about the bizarre.

Asked what his odd fashion choice meant, the "Karma Chameleon" singer told British Vogue, "I'm a fashion victim." Whether or not Boy George is feeling the pressure of the runway, his look came off as fairly offensive to actual abuse victims.

However, the singer's bloodied eye got him exactly the attention that he wanted. After noticing that the Daily Mail had called his look "tasteless," Boy George turned to Twitter:

If his goal was to get people talking, he certainly did well.



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