Boy George Recalls 'Unconscious Uncoupling' From Madonna

The '80s pop star dished on their supposed feud on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."

Boy George was asked to revisit his supposed 1980s feud with Madonna on Monday and said he never “really fell out” with his pop contemporary.

“It was like a series of incidents where we kind of just never managed to get close,” the “Karma Chameleon” singer said on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” (Watch the clip above.)

“We had an unconscious uncoupling without any decision from either of us but I’ve always been a massive fan.”

Boy George, perhaps revising Gwyneth Paltrow’s famous “conscious uncoupling” remark about her split from Chris Martin, might be sugarcoating things just a bit. In the ’80s he reportedly said, “Comparing Madonna with Marilyn Monroe is like comparing Raquel Welch with the back of a bus.”

And in a 2006 documentary he said of Madge: “I just think she’s a vile, hideous, horrible human being with no redeeming qualities. There’s nothing nice about her. I’ve never heard anyone say anything nice about her at all.”

The “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” performer, 58, admitted to HuffPost in 2014 that he had insulted her over the years: “I’ve said awful things about Madonna and I’m not proud of that at all — I’m really not proud of that because I didn’t know her.”

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