'Boy! Oh, Boy!' Explores Cultural Resistance Via Male Photographic Portraits (PHOTOS)

It's not often that a single photograph can trigger a wave of cultural resistance, let alone a straight-forward portrait. And yet in the upcoming exhibition "Boy! Oh, Boy!" contemporary photographic male portraits are at once rebellious and vulnerable, playful and sensual. A selection of influential artists working in this specialized genre join forces for an exhibition that will make an already sweltering summer a little bit hotter.

boy oh boy

Artists including Kevin Amato, Doug Ischar, Paul Jasmin, and Richard Renaldi present sharp and luscious depictions of boyhood and all the confused energy that swirls around it. Aggression, compassion, masculinity and sensitivity intermingle in many of the transcendent portraits, capturing not just an individual but the concept of a boy today.

"Boy! Oh, Boy!" runs from June 29 until August 15 at Casa de Costa in New York. Check out a preview of the exhibition below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Boy! Oh, Boy!