Teenager Calls Cops On His Mom For Confiscating His Cell Phone

The 15-year-old accused his mother of "mistreatment."

Hell that no fury like a teenager denied their cell phone.

A 15-year-old boy in southern Spain reported his mother to police after she confiscated his device in a bid to get him to study for a test.

The mom, 37, asked her son to hand over his phone at their home in El Ejido, near Almeria, on Feb. 28, La Voz De Almeria newspaper reports.

When he refused, she forcefully took it from him and allegedly scratched him in the resulting struggle, according to national El Pais newspaper.

The youngster denounced his mother for “mistreatment.” The mother appeared in court in Almeria this month, where prosecutors called for her to be jailed for nine months over the incident.

But the judge, Luis Miguel Columna, dismissed the case. He ruled she was well within her rights” to seize the cell and had taken “the correct action.”