Boy Reportedly Suspended For Wearing Vera Bradley Purse To School

Skylar Davis, a 13-year-old Kansas boy, was suspended from school. Depending on whose story you believe, it was either for cursing, or for "pursing."

That is, carrying a purse with him to class.

Davis told KCTV5 that the purse, styled by Vera Bradley, helps him express himself. Besides, he says, "everyone else can wear [a purse], so I wear it as well."

But the school's assistant principal, who suspended Davis on Wednesday after he refused to remove the purse, doesn't see it that way. KTNV reports he'd been wearing the bag since August, when the new school term started.

Leslie Willis, Davis's mom, says she doesn't understand why this is an issue, telling KCTV the student handbook makes no mention of purses. She added that she's supportive of her son, and the choices he makes.

In March of 2012, a high schooler in Virginia faced a three-day suspension for refusing to take off a pair of high heels he was wearing. Administrators in that case argued his shoes were a disruption, while the student didn't believe he was bothering anyone.

In Davis's case, the rationale for his suspension seems a bit more murky. A request for comment from The Huffington Post was not immediately returned, though Superintendent Dan Blome later told KCTV5 junior high students have never been allowed to bring their bags into core classes.

KCTV5 also reports Davis returned to school Thursday afternoon, and that in a written statement to the station, Willis claims administrators are now saying the teenager was suspended for "foul language," not "refusing to take off his purse."



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