Boy Who Is Deaf Can't Contain His Excitement After Hearing A Recorder

It was a straight-up giggle fest.

Pure joy. That's exactly what one little boy felt after hearing a recorder for the first time.

According to Today, 2-year-old Ezra Somnitz is profoundly deaf, but can hear high frequency sounds. The toddler heard the sound of a recorder for the first time after hearing his older brother play one.

"[His brother] was playing it at home and Ezra seemed to think he was screaming into it, because he couldn't understand the recorder itself could make the noise," his mother, Melanie Redington Somnitz, told Today.

Ezra later decided to give the recorder a try, which his mom captured on camera. In the sweet video, the toddler is hardly able to contain his giggles and excitement. His mother described his mini performance to Today as "just the funniest thing ever." She also explained how proud Ezra's family is.

"We're proud that he's deaf," she told Today. "We're proud that he signs. This video and the fact that he heard something? That's exciting and a little funny, too, but we're not feeling thrilled simply because he can hear. He's special without hearing, too."

H/T Today

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