Amazon Removes Offensive Hindu Deities Doormats After Twitter Outcry

Not really a good look to suggest wiping your feet on Hindu gods and goddesses.

Amazon got serious heat from users after some very questionable items were being sold on the site.

The hashtag #BoycottAmazon was trending on Twitter in India on Saturday, when users discovered doormats with images of Hindu gods and goddesses on the platform.

Amazon has since removed the doormats in question, according to Mashable.

People were upset at the retail giant for allowing the sale of items that place sacred symbols -- including images of the deities Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna and Ganesha -- on doormats, or that thing you use to wipe your dirty feet.

Tweeters were calling the products an insult to Hinduism and an abuse of the deities:

Though many of the items called out were sold by a handful of sellers -- including “Rock Bull” and “Mr Kill Ganesha doormats” -- people were unified in the call to take down Amazon, as the retailer allowed the products to stay up on the site.

Some pointed out the discrepancy between allowing products that insult Hindu gods and goddesses, but not seeing everyday items like doormats or undergarments featuring Allah, Jesus or other religions' deities:

Most called for users to stop buying Amazon products and to uninstall the app:

But some criticized the #BoycottAmazon movement, stating that there were bigger issues to be enraged by:

Though Amazon has reportedly removed many of the items called out on Saturday, people continue to point to other products they believe warrant a take-down:  

This is not the first time people have moved to boycott the retailer. In 2014, users called for a boycott after Amazon reportedly slowed the purchases of Hachette books on its platform, according to TIME, in order to pressure the publisher into letting them sell Hachette books at a lower price on the site.



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