Boycott 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'? Online Petition Calls To Take Reality Show Off The Air

Everyone knows that the best reality TV shows are staged and "place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption" -- hello, that's where the drama comes from.

Without those qualities reality TV would be pretty boring, but clearly the organizations behind petitions to get the Kardashian family off the airwaves don't understand that.

"In a grass roots effort, we have collected [thousands of] signatures for a petition asking E! Entertainment to remove the Kardashian suite of shows from their programming," petition organizer Cyndy Snider said in a statement to Yahoo TV. "We feel these shows are mostly staged and place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption."

Snider's petition is just one of the organized efforts to axe "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." According to Yahoo, there are also websites and Facebook pages dedicated to ending their reign as the royal family of reality TV.

"While some may have begun watching the spectacle as mindless entertainment or as sort of 'reality satire,' it is a sad truth that many young people are looking up to this family and are modeling their appearance and behavior after them. I'll remind you here that the Kardashian family fame largely started with a 'leaked' sex tape," Snider continued in her statement.

At the time this article was published, Snider's petition had collected more than 56,000 signatures. That might sound like a lot but the Kardashians don't rake in the millions of dollars without having millions of fans. A combined 10.5 million viewers tuned in this past October to view the two-night airing of "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event," and the site that hosts Kim's sex tape received more than 2 million visitors during the actual wedding weekend in August.

It's obvious that the fans outnumber the haters otherwise the Kardashians wouldn't be famous in the first place, but as RadarOnline reports, Kardashian protestors are now targeting the family's newest ventures with their complains.

According to the website, a growing number of people have posted on Tyler Perry's website, demanding that the director fire Kim Kardashian from his new movie, "The Marriage Counselor."

Ever since the Kardashians hit the small screen their antics been a great source for comedic material and commentary, but Kim's decision to file for divorce after 72 days of marriage, followed by accusations the wedding was a sham, has caused an irrational outpouring of disapproval, disgust and hatred from many.

Kim, her family, and her lawyer have vehemently denied allegations that the marriage to Kris Humphries was for any reason other than love, but in the court of public opinion it seems that regardless of the veracity of the marriage, many just don't want to "Keep Up With The Kardashians" any longer.

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