This Guy Started Crying When He Saw His Girlfriend In Her Prom Dress

04/25/2017 06:17pm ET | Updated April 26, 2017

Sometimes, a facial expression really does say it all.

On Saturday, Nolanah Garcia, a high school senior at Southside High School in San Antonio, Texas, brought Devin Collier, her boyfriend of three years, to tears when he saw her in her prom dress for the first time. On Sunday, she shared several sweet photos of the big reveal on Twitter, which have since been retweeted more than 31,000 times:

“Here was Devin’s reaction & me telling him to stop crying cause I was gonna cry and mess up my makeup,” she wrote on Twitter.

Nolanah looked stunning in a royal blue crop top and skirt set by Sherri Hill from Gautier Formal Dresses. Devin ― who graduated from the same high school two years ago ― was visibly overcome with emotion.

Nolanah Garcia
Devin's reaction was beyond sweet. 

“I really didn’t expect Devin’s reaction,” she told HuffPost. “But he got teary-eyed and I saw tears coming out, which made me react by tearing up too.”

Nolanah Garcia
Nolanah got emotional too, but didn't want to ruin her prom makeup. 

“I just felt so loved actually, I wanted to cry seeing him cry over me,” she told Teen Vogue.

Nolanah Garcia
The couple has been together for three years. 

Devin and Nolanah weren’t the only ones getting misty-eyed. Twitter was also hit right in the feels by the heartwarming moment:

“He’s a great boyfriend,” Nolanah told HuffPost. “He’s always taking care of me and making sure I’m happy. He’s honestly the best I could ask for.”

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