Blondes Or Brunettes? Polling App Shares Male And Female Dating Secrets!


Trying to understand the opposite sex only leads to confusion and headaches, especially if you're single and in the dating pool. To help us understand why men are from mars and women are from venus, polling apps Wishbone and Slingshot are here to help! Both apps have asked their audiences - Wishbone which is predominately female and Slingshot voters being predominantly male - a series of dating questions in attempt to get into the minds of the male and female minds out there. Over 20,000 voters have spoken. Let's dive into the results!

The Majority of Men and Women Both Agree Men Should Pay on the First Date.

Some traditions are simply too hard to break. When asked who should pay on a first date, the man or the woman, both the majority of male (87%) and female (91%) respondents agree that the man should be the one to pay. With men typically seen as the chivalrous ones out to woo the ladies, this data makes sense. However, there are some male respondents who want to see the tradition reversed. 13% of male respondents feel the woman should pay on the first date, when only 9% of women agree.

The overwhelming response here is clear: fellas, if you want a second date,you can't be stingy!

Worst Topic On a First Date: Religion or Politics? Men and Women Disagree

There are plenty of topics to help break the ice when on a first date. From favorite types of music, food and movies to favorite color. However everyone knows to steer clear from the two no-no's: politics and religion. When asked which of the two is worse to discuss on a first date, male and female respondents disagree. More male respondents (52%) say religion and more female respondents (52%) say politics. Although they don't disagree which is worst, they do agree that both are nearly equally as bad. The data for each is quite close to an even split! If there is a lull in the conversation, the best advice is to just turn the conversation to Youtube cat videos, those are always a hit.

Kiss on the first date? More Men Than Women Want That Smooch

Ah, the first kiss. That awkward first lip locking that you're not sure you should even be doing on the first date! When asked whether or not couples should kiss on the first date, both the majority of male (68%) and female (51%) surprisingly said yes. However, more females (49%) than males (32%) said no. The guys are always wanting to get that first smooch in as quickly as possible! Some ladies, and a lot actually, quite nearly half of those surveyed, would rather to take it slow. A quick conversation before the end of the night should help with the awkwardness. If both agree, let the fireworks begin!

Beauty or Brains? Shockingly Men and Women Disagree!

When looking for a mate, what's more important to men and women: beauty or brains? When polled, men and women disagree -- but the results are not what typically comes to mind! Surprisingly, more women say beauty (64%) over brains (36%) while the men say brains matters more (62%) over beauty (38%). Now how's that for a shocking plot twist?!

Bigger Turnoff: Overconfident or Insecurity?

When dating, there are turn-ons and turn-offs. A couple very commonly discussed turn-offs have been overconfidence and insecurity. When asked which was worse, both the majority of male (60%) and female (78%) respondents agree that overconfidence is worse. What's interesting is more female voters than male voters dislike overconfidence. Think girls being turned off by a cocky jerk. And when discussing insecurity, more male voters (40%) than female voters (22%) dislike insecure dates. Think a guy disliking a jealous girlfriend.

We all have our flaws but with this data we now know it'll be best to work on both of these turnoffs in order to keep our dates interested!

Who Should Phone After the First Date? Guys, Get Your Phones Ready!

The age-old question: who should call or text after the first date? With roles changing nowadays, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if the girl reached out to the guy. But what do the daters prefer? When polled, the majority of men (69%) and women (62%) both said the man should reach out vs. the woman. The votes were nearly identical, with just a slight upper hand on the women side who felt it'd be okay for women to reach out (38% vs. 31%). Regardless of who reaches out, let's hope the date the good enough for a call back either way!

Prefer Your Date with Short or Long Hair? Traditional Still Wins

If you're debating on a new do, obviously don't let other people influence your style - you do you! But if you're interested in what the opposite sex is interested in, the data will guide your decision making! When polled on a date's hair do: short or long hair, the majority of male respondents (96%), nearly 100% said they prefer women with long hair. The majority of females (79%) prefer men with buzz cuts vs. man buns. If you have the swagger, you can pull any look off! Man bun and all.


Blonde or Brunette? Turns Out Blonde's Don't Have More Fun

The age-old question: blonde or brunette. We've heard the saying 'blondes have more fun,' but do they really? Turns out they have more fun being all single. When asked which color nape the voters prefer, the majority of men (60%) and women (69%) both said they prefer brunette's over blondes. More men actually prefer blonde dates (40%) vs. the women who prefer men dates (31%). Good thing we all can color our hair! There really isn't an issue here - just visit your local salon or barber and you'll snag a date in no time!

Do you agree with these results? How does your vote compare to the rest? Tell us in the comments and download Wishbone and Slingshot apps to be a part of our next poll!