BP Call Center Employee Admits: 'We're A Diversion' (VIDEO)

It's in the nature of customer service call centers to be unhelpful, but in the case of the Gulf oil spill, the frustration of Gulf Coast residents has been so overwhelming that one contract employee at the West Houston BP Call Center felt the need to come forward and voice her concerns with KHOU Channel 11 in Houston, Texas.

Speaking under the cloak of anonymity as "Janice," the call center employee describes the operation as nothing more than a "diversion."

From reporter Tiffany Craig's report:

Janice said calls about the oil disaster are non-stop and that operators are just warm bodies on the other end of the phone.

"We're a diversion to stop them from really getting to the corporate office, to the big people," said Janice.

The calls come in from around the world, but it's the desperation of those on the Gulf Coast that has affected her the most.

"I don't want to get emotional, but it's so frustrating when these people live right there and nothing is being done to help them," the operator said.

For weeks on end, 12 hours a day, there is a little secret that Janice said she has witnessed firsthand.

Because the operators believe the calls never get past them, some don't even bother taking notes.

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