BP Oil Spill Advertisements Since The Deepwater Horizon Disaster Three Years Ago (VIDEOS)

WATCH: A History Of BP's Ads Since The Gulf Spill

Saturday, April 20 marks the third anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as efforts continue to clean up the region and restore wetlands.

Since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rig, BP has spent enormous amounts on advertising, including nearly $100 million during the four months of the spill -- about $5 million a week, according to Fortune.

BP has estimated it will spend at least $42 billion to cover costs related to the spill, but settlement negotiations and lawsuits are still ongoing.

One of the most memorable ads featured the company's then-CEO, Tony Hayward, apologizing for the spill while promising full financial support during the cleanup. The $50 million ad campaign was lambasted by the public and harshly criticized by President Obama.

Nearly 100 television advertisements have since been uploaded to to BP's official YouTube channel, which seems to show an evolution from disaster control to tourism advocacy. Hayward's apology does not appear on the channel.

Take a look at an abridged history of BP's advertisements since the spill below.

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History Of BP Ads Since The Gulf

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