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Bra Algorithm From True & Co. Takes Lingerie Shopping Online (POLL)

If you are a woman who wears bras, chances are you've had several miserable experiences buying them. With all the metrics involved, you'd think buying bras would be simple as calling out bingo numbers: B-34! D-36! A-32! But as we all know, it's just more complicated than that.

So female entrepreneurs (and former Microsoft employees) Michelle Lam and Aarthi Ramamurthy got together to create an algorithm (those smarty pants) for bra shopping.

According to the Daily News, Ramamurthy and Lam founded True & Co., a startup lingerie company that uses a quick online survey to assess customers' body types and specifications.

After telling True & Co. about your preferred bra fit, cup size, breast shape and more, the algorithm uses your responses to create a list of recommendations. Then, similar to companies like Warby Parker, True & Co. will ship you five bras for free (with a $45 deposit) so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home.

While the algorithm part is new, True & Co. is not the first company to take the bra shopping experience online. Brayola, founded in 2011, also begins with a quick online quiz, asking customers about the best bras they already own.

Bra shopping could definitely use an innovation -- but for a buying process so predicated on fit, is e-commerce the solution? Check out and tell us: would you buy your bras online?