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Bra Commercial Banned After Claims Of Being 'Degrading And Demeaning To Women'

Another sexy ad has gotten the axe. A commercial for Innerware, an Australian lingerie chain, has been banned by Australia's Advertising Standards Board after complaints that it was "degrading and demeaning to women" and included "a level of sexuality and nudity which is not appropriate."

The commercial, a 33-second spot, centers on a lingerie-clad woman waltzing up to the counter at a tire shop and asking the stunned man working there, "Can you fit me?"

Innerware, which has five locations in Australia, provides an in-store bra fitting service and touts its "trained fitters." But the double entendre, as well as the skimpy attire and gawking men, bothered TV viewers. Among the complaints submitted to the Advertising Standards Board:

"The ad was discriminatory towards women and in very poor taste. It was highly inappropriate and had nothing to do with lingerie. "

"I thought it was an ad for the sex industry when I first saw it."

"I feel the ad represents low level porn."

"It objectifies women and makes them out to be a piece of meat."

After reviewing complaints, the Advertising Standards Board ruled that while the commercial was not exploitative or degrading to women, it failed to "treat the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity" and therefore can no longer be aired.

Innerware Lingerie owners Evan and Tina Zorba didn't exactly see it that way, as The Australian reports. "The idea was about having fun with it, we didn't want to offend anyone, it was a bit cheeky," Evan said.

Do you think the ad is simply cheeky or offensive enough to be pulled off the air? Check it out in the video above.

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