Brace For Haters Because A 'Ghostbusters' Sequel Is Probably Dead

The call went straight to voicemail.
Uh oh.
Uh oh.

The power of Patty and the rest of the all-female “Ghostbusters” failed to compel audiences when the reboot opened in theaters this summer. 

With an underwhelming global box office return of barely $180 million on a hefty production budget of $144 million, the prospect of a franchise refresh now appears to be deader than dead. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is scrambling behind the scenes to prepare for a $70 million (or more) loss on the film and will likely nix the sequel many expected to be a sure thing.

In July, Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony, assured fans that the studio has high hopes for the film’s future. 

“The ‘Ghostbusters’ world is alive and well,” Bruer told The Wrap. “I expect ‘Ghostbusters’ to become an important brand and franchise.”

“While nothing has been officially announced yet, there’s no doubt in my mind it will happen,” he added about the possibility of a sequel. 

Josh Greenstein, Sony’s marketing and distribution chief, echoed Bruer’s comments at the time, telling Variety that “there absolutely will be more [films].”

Although a Sony rep described the reported potential loss as “way off,” The Hollywood Reporter notes that the studio seems to have abandoned the live-action format, for now, in lieu of animated endeavors.

A full-length animated feature from the studio is expected to open in theaters around 2019, and a television series titled “Ghostbusters: Ecto Force” is also currently in production. After disappointing ticket sales for the new “Ghostbusters,” the original film’s director, Ivan Reitman, will reportedly return to shepherd both projects onscreen. 

When Sony officially decides to continue or cancel the live-action franchise, however, we urge you to avoid social media at all costs. If there’s one thing ignorant Twitter trolls love to do, it’s to take credit for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. 

And, whatever happens, we’ll always have Kate McKinnon. 



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