Brad Goreski On 'The Rachel Zoe Project': 'I Had No Idea How Insane It Was Going To Be'

Brad Goreski got to where he is largely because of Rachel Zoe and her TV show, "The Rachel Zoe Project." The celebrity stylist became a household name as Zoe's assistant on the Bravo reality show... then had a public (and rumored to be messy) falling-out with Zoe in 2010. He also wrangled on-screen with fellow Zoe assistant Taylor Jacobson, which provided plenty of TV drama (even if much of it was amped-up for ratings).

Did Goreski know it would all be so crazy when he started out in 2008? The stylist told HuffPost Live, "We didn't know really what we were getting into, which was the great thing about it -- sometimes, ignorance is bliss. And we were really just filming what was going on,and I had no idea how insane it was going to be working with Taylor and all of that drama that happened."

Watch Brad sound off in the clip above and catch the whole segment at HuffPost Live.

So happy together:

Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski

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