Brad Pitt Celebrates Oscar Nomination With 'Pancakes For Everyone' (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt is celebrating his Best Actor nomination for his role in "Moneyball" with Angelina, the kids and "pancakes for everyone!"

Shortly after the nominations were announced, the 48-year-old actor phoned the "Today Show," telling hosts Matt Lauer and Ann Curry:

"We're ecstatic over here ... It means so much considering this film was just dead on the rocks two years ago," Pitt said. "It took a lot of people, a lot of artisans and craftsmen, to get it to the screen. It's a great honor, a real tribute to Billy Beane and Oakland A's organization. I'm really happy."

Pitt was also thrilled to see his other much talked about film "The Tree of Life" garner some nominations as well.

"I have to tell you, I'm doubly happy "Tree of Life" made it in there," he added. "We thought we were all but forgotten. Just excited for [director and nominee] Terry Malick."

Pitt's nomination wasn't the only reason he was in such good spirits this morning, his "Moneyball" costar Jonah Hill also received his first Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actor category. "I'm so happy for Jonah Hill. I can't tell you," he said.

The actor's pals seemed to clean up in the nominations this year, but that means he'll have to face off against longtime friend George Clooney, who was also nominated for Best Actor for his role in "The Descendants."

Pitt told the "Today Show" hosts he hadn't called Clooney yet to congratulate him, but was sure they would be exchanging words later, adding that there is no weirdness about both actors being nominated.

"It's more fun to have a friend there," he said. "No one does it better than George. Give him all the trophies. When you run out, make new ones and give him those, too."


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