Brad Pitt Defends Those Horrible Chanel No. 5 Ads

In Brad's defense.... no, those commercials were pretty weird.

Far far back in the days of yesteryear -- okay, fine, it was like, a month ago-- Brad Pitt shocked the world with his inscrutable commercials for the classic women's fragrance Chanel No. 5. Mumbling non-sequiturs as he paced before the camera in black and white, Pitt the Chanel rep seemed more like a spoken word poet at an NYU open mic night than his usual charming self.

We know what Saturday Night Live thinks, but no one so far has dared to go there with Brad himself. Enter Access Hollywood, who used the "Killing Softly" junket to ask the recently-hirsute actor about the ads that launched 1,000 late-night parodies.

As it turns out, he's kind of a good sport.

"I've been overseas, so I've been blissfully protected [from the backlash]," Pitt said. "I haven't [seen the parodies], but I say absolutely fair play, fair play."

And for the record, he claims to be a fan of the ads. (Not that if he weren't, he could say otherwise.):

"I kind of liked it... I respect what they do. They do some really quality things."

The handsome actor also 'fessed up to another embarrassing Chanel secret -- click over to Access Hollywood to find out more, and, if you've been living in a cave for the past few months, check out one of the notorious commercials below.

Watch Brad evolve through the years...

Brad Pitt Beauty Evolution

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