Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Cleared Of Hungarian Weapons Trafficking Charges: Report

Brad Pitt's Film Cleared Of Weapon Trafficking Charges

Good news: as far as Hungarian officials are concerned, Brad Pitt has no ties to illegal arms traffickers.

Back in October, a Hungarian Anti-Terrorism Unit stormed a warehouse that contained 85 fully-functioning assault rifles intended for use on Pitt's upcoming zombie film, "World War Z." It's illegal to transport working weapons into the country, and because the guns, which were sent from the UK to Budapest, were easily readjusted to fire live ammunition, they were considered an illicit shipment.

Now, according to Hungarian outlets, Pitt's crew has had the charges dropped on a technicality: because the shipment came in to the duty-free area of the country's airport, and there was no one there with ownership rights initially waiting to receive them, it is impossible to hit any specific party with the illegal trafficking charge.

If accurate, it's good news for Pitt, who can now enjoy the upcoming Academy Awards -- where he's up for two statues, including Best Actor -- safe in the knowledge that there will be no Hungarian police out to take him down.

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