Brad Schneider & 'Call Me Maybe': Watch Congressional Candidates' Staff In Painful Parody Video

We know "Call Me Maybe" is a super popular song. The Carly Rae Jepsen single is not only a bonafide viral hit, it's sitting comfortably atop the Billboard chart. But here's the thing: Not everyone has to parody it. Especially if you're a congressional candidate whose staff, as well-meaning and nice as they seem to be, have a hard time mouthing words in time with a backing track.

Fresh out of businessman-turned-Democratic candidate's office comes the flinch-worthy video at the top of this post. Schneider recently edged out progressive favorite Ilya Sheyman and faces Rep. Robert Dold (R.-Ill.) in November. It's unclear as of this time of writing what effect this video will have on the race.

Another (more successful) example of politicians appropriating pop culture to increase their likeability came from Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D.-Ca.), who also used interns in her parody. Check out Sanchez' video and a whole host of other "Call Me Maybe" parodies below.

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