Bradley Cooper Confirms Cameron Crowe Movie For Fall Shoot; Says Danny McBride Added To Cast

Bradley Cooper has made it a priority to work with great directors in his career -- examples range from Neil Burger and Joe Carnahan to Derek Cianfrance and David O. Russell -- and he's looking to continue that trend with Cameron Crowe. In an interview with HuffPost Entertainment to discuss the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Cianfrance's "The Place Beyond The Pines," Cooper confirmed that he will star in Crowe's next untitled feature.

"Yeah, we start shooting in September," Cooper said about the film, which he was first attached to in a report back in October of 2012. "I can't really say anything about the script, but I'm excited."

Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams will star in Crowe's feature along with Danny McBride. Cooper said McBride had also signed on for the new film, news that was confirmed by McBride's representatives. No word yet on the role the "This Is The End" star will play in the project.

Crowe's film, his first since "We Bought A Zoo" in 2011, has remained cloaked in mystery, but TheWrap reporter Jeff Sneider noted that it could be a rewrite of an old script from the writer-director called "Deep Tiki," a film set partially in Hawaii. (Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon were attached as the leads to that screenplay in 2008.) A recent casting notice looking for a young actor to play Mitchell, a boy who "is obsessed with Hawaiian myths and folklore, and always has a video camera in his hands, taping everything," lends credence to that suggestion.

UPDATE: In writing about McBride's casting, Sneider offered further details about the film's plot at TheWrap. Cooper will play a "defense contractor supervisor assigned to oversee the launch of a weapon satellite from Hawaii." Stone, meanwhile, is set to play his contact. Those details jibe with what The Playlist originally reported about the "Deep Tiki" script back in 2008. More on Stone's role and the film can be found at TheWrap.

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Regardless of the plot, this is a good time for Cooper: In addition to the Crowe film, he also stars in December's "American Hustle" for Russell, and will then shoot "American Sniper," an adaptation of late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle's autobiography, in February. Steven Spielberg is attached to direct.

For much more from Cooper about his career and "The Place Beyond The Pines," check back to HuffPost Entertainment next week. That film, which also stars Ryan Gosling and Dane DeHaan, is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 6.

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