Bradley Cooper: Devil In 'Paradise Lost'?

Bradley Cooper is at his big screen best when he plays charismatic and a little bit subversive, but if he's going to nail this role, he's going to have to ramp up those qualities to biblical proportions.

Having expanded his range from raunchy comedy to action films with "The A-Team" and "Limitless," Variety reports that Cooper is now looking to go evil in an epic way, eyeing the role of Lucifer in a 3D big screen adaptation of Milton's poem "Paradise Lost."

Incidentally, the film is being helmed by Alex Proyas, director of "The Crow," and last month it was rumored that Cooper was in contention to star in a remake of the Brandon Lee cult classic -- a remake that Proyas called "ridiculous."

"Paradise Lost," is currently in pre-production, and the script has been written by, amongst others, Oscar nominee Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote two of the original "Star Wars," films, as well as "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Whether Cooper gets the role or not remains to be seen; he will, of course, appear next in late May's "The Hangover: Part II," the sequel to the smash hit that launched his star.