Bradley Cooper Defends Jennifer Lawrence's Take On Hollywood Inequality

"It's about changing that mindset and sticking up for yourself."

In an interview with E!, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller -- who star in the upcoming "Burnt" together -- learned about Jennifer Lawrence's essay published in Tuesday's Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham's feminist newsletter. In it, Lawrence discusses learning she made less than her male co-stars, and feeling as if she'd "failed as a negotiator." 

"I didn't want to seem 'difficult' or 'spoiled,'" Lawrence wrote.

"That's interesting, because if you think that you only deserve a certain amount -- that's not correct, it's about changing that mindset and sticking up for yourself," Cooper said. 

The actor has starred alongside Lawrence in several films already, including "Silver Linings Playbook" -- for which Lawrence won an Oscar -- "American Hustle" and the upcoming "Joy."

Cooper also referenced Miller's decision to turn down an offer to star in a play. She'd be making less than half of her male co-star's earnings, "and it was just the two of us," Miller explained.

"[It's] what we have to start doing, unfortunately, at the expense of our creative dreams," she said. Sigh.

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