Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence Don't Want To Sleep Together, Sorry

It's not going to happen.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have co-starred together in three movies, with a fourth, "Joy," hitting theaters on Christmas. 

With all that time on set together something must have happened, right? Wrong, says Cooper, who appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday. 

The 40-year-old said we have director David O. Russell to thank for their repeated on-screen pairing and shot down the idea that there's ever been a romantic connection between them. "It just didn't happen," he said before Stern point blank asked if the co-stars were ever going to sleep together. 

"Never," Cooper replied. "It's not the way we are together."

Of course, Stern isn't the first person to ask the actor about the possibility of a romance with JLaw. Back in 2013, he cited their 15-year age difference as an issue, telling "Entertainment Tonight," "No, no, no, no, no. Not even close. First of all, I could be her father. No, I'm kidding. But no, not even close."

Cooper told Stern that was more of quick way to shake the media from that line of questioning, but it was an answer that would come back to haunt him. 

"I said that once on a red carpet just as a diffuse thing," Cooper told Stern "And then it became a thing because the girl I was seeing [Suki Waterhouse, who was 21 at the time] was as young as she was."

And if you're wondering Lawrence's take on all this, she previously told Us Weekly that she thinks of Cooper as her work husband, adding that there's "no sex!" in their relationship. 

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