Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lopez's Date; He Had No Idea

Bradley Cooper was shocked after a private dinner with Jennifer Lopez was leaked to the press as a romantic date, but he isn’t the first or the last celebrity who will fall into the diva’s trap -- just ask "Schindler's List" actor, Ralph Fiennes.

In 2002, Lopez had a casual dinner with Fiennes, around the time they were filming "Maid in Manhattan" together, only to find pictures from their joint meal splashed all over the New York Post saying ‘deny this.’ Fiennes later went on to say, “I had dinner with her and her producer and her manager who’s in the background of the shot as well. That didn’t upset me because it was just so not true and so badly set up.”

“It was a business dinner that’s all,” a media insider tells me of Cooper and Lopez's "romantic" evening. “They went to Per Se, which is an amazing low key restaurant in New York and the next thing you know it's in the papers. No one who eats in that restaurant is calling in tips to gossip sites. Most of the people that go there are so rich they wouldn’t couldn’t care less about actors. They are more impressed by business players than Hollywood types.”

So just be careful gentleman; the next time a beautiful famous lady asks you for a business dinner, take your mother!

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