Bradley Cooper & Jimmy Kimmel's #TBT Photo Puts Others To Shame

"You want to talk about fun guys."

Apparently, Bradley Cooper's real life is just like his movie "The Hangover," except instead of wild adventures, he just can't remember playing Scrabble.

Cooper says he originally met Kimmel back when both of their shows, "Alias" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," were just getting on the air. He remembered that perfectly, but when Kimmel broke out a #TBT from their mutual friend Dax Shepard, both of them struggled to figure out what was going on.

"You want to talk about fun guys," said Kimmel as they both cracked up over the picture which apparently shows them playing Scrabble with Shepard at a party. "What are we looking at?" laughed Cooper.

"This is like a party that like Jamie Foxx or Prince might throw," said Kimmel. Hmmm ... or maybe even Mike Tyson perhaps?

Image: Gifrific

Yep. Just like "The Hangover."

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