Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson Dinner Date; Actors Dine Out With Cooper's Mom (PHOTO)

When Kate Hudson was spotted in the front seat of Bradley Cooper's car Thursday night in Los Angeles, celebrity relationship fanatics stopped dead in their tracks. He isn't Matt Bellamy -- Hudson's fiance and father of new baby boy Bingham -- and she certainly isn't "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana so, what could possibly be happening here?

When one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors is caught dining with a celebrity starlet, both sans their current flames, there is bound to be some talk. Clearly, there are logical answers but in the world of celebrity gossip a far better response would be a secret love affair. Last time we checked, a top secret rendezvous wouldn't include a chaperone -- Cooper brought his mom Gloria along for the outing. Perhaps they brought the third wheel in an attempt to quash rumors before they even started.

X17 Online snapped photos of the group, making their getaway in Cooper's car. Hudson can be seen hiding her face from the snapping paparazzi in some shots, but not before it was already clear that it was the mother-of-two sitting shotgun.

The A-list dinner date seems to be strictly business for the old friends. Earlier in the evening, Hudson and Cooper participated in a live reading of "Shampoo" at the Bing Theatre in Los Angeles. Team Zoe can rest assured, the Sexiest Man Alive isn't two-timing his good samaritan girlfriend. Saldana recently made headlines for calling 911 and coming to the aid of an older woman in Culver City, Calif. after she witnessed the car crash the woman was involved in.

Check out this photo of Cooper and Hudson's getaway and a shot from earlier in the night during their reading of "Shampoo." For more photos head over to X17 Online.


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