Bradley Cooper: Monkey Kisser On 'The Hangover: Part II' Set (WATCH)

Bradley Cooper: Monkey Kisser

Bradley Cooper has rocketed to movie stardom in no small part thanks to his good looks and devilish charm (he's actually set to play Satan himself, in fact), enabling him to employ his talent in a multitude of ladies' man leading roles.

He's reprising his big breakout part, charmer Phil in "The Hangover," in next week's over-the-top sequel, "The Hangover: Part II," taking his character's wild child tendencies to Thailand and its ample nightlife. And its wildlife, as well.

Where as in the first film, the Wolf Pack is burdened with carrying a baby around Las Vegas, this time, they're toting a badass monkey around the capital of the Asian nation. The monkey, named Crystal in real life, is a devil on camera but, apparently a sweetheart when the film stops running. As Cooper makes clear in this new featurette for the film.

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