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Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize Petition Gains 65,000 Signatures (VIDEO)


The soldier facing trial for giving classified material to WikiLeaks deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, writer Norman Solomon argued during a HuffPost Live interview Friday.

Solomon, author of the book War Made Easy is among the nearly 65,000 people who support a petition to award Bradley Manning the Nobel Prize for the way the information he passed to WikiLeaks contributed to withdrawing troops from Iraq, he told host Mike Sacks.

The information Manning leaked -- and the "cavalier and callous atrocities" included in it -- led the Iraqi government to seek the authority to prosecute American soliders, Solomon said, which the United States didn't want to allow.

"Washington officials maintained their position that we can't tolerate the Iraqi government prosecuting our boys and girls in Iraq, and so that hastened the withdrawal of all U.S. troops," Solomon said. "On that basis alone, Bradley Manning is certainly entitled to and should get the Nobel Peace Prize."

Watch the video above to hear Solomon's argument for why Manning deserves recognition, and how a book by journalist Bob Woodward contained more sensitive government information than what Manning leaked.

Watch the full segment below:

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