Bradley Manning Tried Going To NY Times, Washington Post, Politico Before Turning To WikiLeaks

Bradley Manning Went To Mainstream Media Before Turning To WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning revealed on Thursday that, before turning to Julian Assange's organization, he tried to get the New York Times, Washington Post and Politico interested in some of the explosive confidential material in his possession.

On Thursday, Manning plead guilty to 10 out of the 22 offenses for which he was charged. He admitted to sending hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, though he did not plead guilty to some of the more serious offenses the US government is charging him with, including "aiding the enemy."

Manning then read a lengthy statement about his role in passing the information to WikiLeaks.

Kevin Gosztola, the Firedoglake journalist who has been following the proceedings, sent a series of tweets about Manning's efforts to get the mainstream press interested in the so-called "war logs," which revealed a plethora of secret information about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Times' Charlie Savage, who was also at the hearing, further described Manning's statement:

The logs, of course, eventually wound up in the pages of the Times after the paper collaborated with WikiLeaks on their release.

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