A Definitive Ranking Of All The 'Brady Bunch' Kids

Yes, We Ranked The Brady Kids
UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of Brady Bunch Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of Brady Bunch Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

This Saturday, March 8, is the 40th anniversary of the day the original "Brady Bunch" left the air. Now there were plenty of spinoffs and TV movies that followed, but there is nothing like the original. In honor of this historic day we have taken the daunting task of ranking the Brady kids from least to most grooviest. Now throw on some bell bottoms and see where your favorite Brady kid landed on the list.

6. Bobby
Bobby, while cute and all, was the lamest member of the Brady household (and yes, we're including Tiger). Remember the time he tried to grow taller by hanging from the swingset? Or when he tried to wash his clothes and ended up flooding the laundry room? Ugh. Bobby might have been one of the smallest Bradys but he always seemed to complicate things the most.
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5. Cindy
The pigtails almost scored Cindy a higher ranking, but competition's tough, and when all the girls have "hair of gold" you gotta have more than a cute 'do to stand out. She had a lisp, loved Kitty Karry-All and the one time she gets her TV spotlight she freezes from stage fright. Also, she was a major tattle tale, which no one likes. Sorry, Cindy, you don't win this potato sack race.

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4. Peter
Peter Brady is the definition of a middle child, and with no real personality he unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle of all the other Brady kids. One saving grace is that he became pretty dreamy during his teen years though:

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3. Greg
Obviously the best Brady boy, Greg was the oldest of the kids and therefore got some of the better plots like learning to drive or dating girls. He also plays guitar, and surfs, which came in handy during the family's trip to Hawaii.

Plus he wears some of the grooviest outfits ever seen on '70s TV.

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2. Marcia
This was a tight race, but in the end Marcia had to be runner-up. While she is the prettiest and has the best hair, it's her obsession over her looks that is ultimately her downfall. She cried when she got braces and there's also the time she took a football in the face. Marcia believes looks count over everything, which is not the Brady way (at least according to Carol and Mike).

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1. Jan
Jan is clearly the best Brady kid in the household. She may not be the prettiest or the grooviest, but she had the best comebacks, the most sass, and gave a voice to middle children everywhere. Plus she had the best catch phrase ... and that wig!

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