Blind Art: An Uncle's Painting For His Nephew Will Make You Cry (PHOTOS)

This week Redditor unholysh*t brought the internet to tears after sharing an artwork made by his father accompanied by the caption: "My dad painted this for my 7 year old cousin. The little guy has been blind since birth."

The painting, all white except for a red sun in the corner, uses texture instead of color to help visualize a landscape. The artist signed his name on the bottom in braille and included a message in Portugese to his nephew on the back of the canvas.

Unholysh*t translated the note for curious commenters, which you can read here. The Reddit user also added a few touching words about his father. "My dad really is a rock star. He just got back from Libya where he was teaching general dentists to perform their own root canals. If I can accomplish half of what this man did in his life time, I will die a die a happy man."

See the uncle's beautiful gesture below and let us know your thoughts on the art in the comments.