Branden Daniel & The Chics "In Light" Video is Totally Groovy

Recently added to the mtvU rotation, "In Light", the first single release ahead of an upcoming completed LP by Branden Daniel & The Chics is a groovy tune with trippy visuals you might have to be stoned to fully appreciate. With some engineering magic, this bass-heavy chilled-out song has no actual guitars in the production. As lead vocals Branden Daniels describes it, "The novelty of "No Guitar" was for us as a rock n' roll group exciting enough that I suggested I'd play the slide part on the bass." With a Pitch Shifter Guitar Pedal and an amp, they were able to create the slide guitar vibe on the bass and stand the norms of traditional rock-n-roll on its head. And then they took it up a notch with a throw-back, psychedelic acid trip of a video. It's an exciting tease for what to expect on the new album.

"It's just exploration down the beaten path of pop music"

With Branden Daniels on vocals and bass, Nate Krause on keyboards and Matt Winter on drums, "In Light" was recorded in stages with producer Tom Biller (Karen O, the Eels, Fiona Apple). The LP is six completed songs in, but with no official release date yet. Inspired by music icons Iggy Pop, David Bowie, The Beatles and Kurt Cobain, and often compared to Jim Morrison and The Doors, Daniels describes his vocal "speed" as raging highs and deep lows, reflecting the roller coaster ride of his personality and his need to "let it out" through his music, with the influence of the artists who came before him as reinventing themselves through an up-and-down journey. "As a musician, if that touches you, it stays with you and there's no telling when it's going to become a part of what you do."

"It's a made up fantasy land of a business that typically can give severe vertigo to even the strongest most determined artist."

Making it a family affair, Branden's five-year-old son, Hayes, joins him onset with a cameo appearance on the drums, displaying a natural talent as an entertainer and helping to balance out the juggling act all working parents face. "It keeps me from the ledge," Branden admits, revealing a gratitude for the family support that makes his career easier.

In their off-time they're into skateboards, boating and vintage motorcycles, and catch the shows of other musicians in the area. As for other hobbies, Branden combines creativity with ordinary menial tasks, like cleaning and taking showers, "Nothing's better for creativity than showering, I shower twice a day, that's got to make it a hobby."

Be sure to check out their Tumblr page periodically for possible upcoming tour dates

This post originally listed an unsubstantiated rumor about the band's future touring, which has been removed.

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