This $3 Online Grocery Store Is Like The Ikea Of Food


Grocery shopping can get overwhelming for some of us, what with all the choices and price comparisons. A new online store called Brandless aims to be the remedy, with a streamlined, store-brand-only approach that pegs it as something like the Ikea or Muji of pantry and household goods.

With “one little $3 price” for most items, it’s got some solid deals, too.

Like many retailers before it, Brandless aims to cut out the middleman, or brand name, for lower prices. It doesn’t stock every item you’d find in a regular grocery store, and packaging size corresponds to the price point. But it has a decent basic inventory, carries a fair selection of organic pantry staples, and also sells beauty products, dishware and more on its clean, clear website. The no-brand brand is also big on simplicity, offering only one type of each product so you don’t drown in choices.

We compared some of the most enticing products to our favorite low-cost stores like Trader Joe’s and Ikea, as well as other online grocers. While not all Brandless products are a steal, they fare well against competitors, especially when you consider the convenience of buying, say, your plates in the same place as your pasta.

Shipping takes two to four days and costs $9 no matter where you live, with free shipping on orders over $72. Here’s the breakdown.

SOLID DEAL: Organic virgin coconut oil

Organic virgin coconut oil is $3 for 10 oz. at Brandless. At Trader Joe’s, a 16-ounce jar of coconut oil costs $5.99.

SOLID DEAL: Organic oats and honey granola

A 12-oz. bag of organic oats and honey granola is $3 at Brandless. At online retailer Jet, an 11-ounce bag of similar granola costs $4.30.

SOLID DEAL: Organic coffee pods

Trader Joe’s has a slightly better value with seven pods for $2.99, while Brandless’ organic dark roast coffee pods are $3 for a 6-pack. However, both cost much less than an equal number of Keurig K-cups.

SOLID DEAL: Organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil is $3 for 8.5 oz. at Brandless. This is the same value as Trader Joe’s organic EVOO, which costs $5.99 for about 17 ounces. Other places, you’ll likely pay more.


$3 gets you a 3-pack of organic tomato sauce at Brandless. Jet’s got a similar item, but it’s $2.89 for just one can. We love that this product is so simple, and so humbly priced.

Brandless’s plates and mugs are about the same price as Ikea’s, and buying online saves you a trip to that potentially stressful place. Their face moisturizer isn’t a bad value, either.

We can’t wait to experiment with this grocery store of the future.

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