Brandon Marshall: 'My Wife Did Not Stab Me' (VIDEO)

NFL Star Receiver: 'My Wife Did Not Stab Me'

Brandon Marshall spoke to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Friday about the domestic dispute that occurred between the Dolphins star receiver and his wife back in April. Marshall talked about the incident, which resulted in him being hospitalized with stab wounds, and claimed that he was in fact not stabbed by his wife.

"Last night I sat down with the state attorney's office and I made clear to them, and I want it to be clear to everyone, that my wife did not stab me," said Marshall. "She did not assault me. We definitely had a marital dispute and it got heated. You know, we're just trying to pick up the pieces now."

Marshall's wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, was arrested and charged with domestic battery on April 22. She was arrested again in June for violating a restraining order that dictated she could not be within 500 feet of the couples' home and could not have contact with her husband.

Click here for audio of the Marshall's 911 call in April.

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