Artist Hopes You Find The Humanity In His Terrifying Mutant GIFs

And also try not to puke.

You may think, after looking at the GIFs of Vancouver-based artist Brandon Muir, that he's trying to make your heart crawl into your stomach and settle there between the guts and juices, rousing your half-digested breakfast. It turns out, however, he's only trying to make you laugh. 

"When I first started making these, I was really just trying to figure things out, collaging and re-contextualizing cutout images into something I found amusing," Muir explained to The Huffington Post. "It's only recently that I've started to sort out certain elements and feelings I'd like to convey."

Those images include, in no particular order, demonic children with red beady eyeballs, marble statues that bear a striking resemblance to Kevin Bacon's "Invisible Man," women with snakes as tongues, and hoodie-wearing flesh lumps that cry tears of green goo. 

Muir has a knack for tapping into the stuff of digital nightmares, mixing and matching mutant creatures with just enough human elements to draw you in before devouring your preconceptions and spitting them back out. Muir hopes, however, that you won't judge a horrifying GIF by its cover, and will instead take a second get to know that green snake baby with a bald, lumpy head and scaly tail. 

"Yes, the first feeling is usually discomfort. but I hope that's not always the case. I'll agree that there are a number of GIFs I've made that probably only work for people on one note, but you should definitely see a human side in these mutated subjects. That's what I hope comes across the most. However, sometimes I just want to make you feel gross. It really depends on my mood."

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