Brands That Are Reversing The Negativity About Women

Amidst all this election trash talk, I thought I’d try to balance out the tons of negativity with a little bit of positivity. Because let’s face it, a little can go a long way.

So here are three retail brands that are each celebrating modern women, today’s women if you will. With all the confidence, self-acceptance, and self-awareness they can muster. I do believe that their work speaks for itself.

First up, H&M. The brand’s new campaign features the classic song “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones...but turns it (and the old conventions that come with it) on its head. H&M reminds us that you can be any kind of lady you’d like.

Next up we have TJ Maxx, honoring women who sacrifice every single day for the rest of us. We can’t thank you enough, ladies!

Then we have the new campaign from Lane Bryant, featuring some very famous women reversing the negativity on social media, and shaming the body shamers while they are at it. #ThisBody is made to shine! Indeed it is, and I love how the brand is enabling women to spread that shine!

Thanks to you all for both reflecting the essence of today’s women, and inspiring them at the same time. As a marketer and a dad, I say “WELL DONE!!”