Brandy Engaged: Singer Expresses Surprise At 'Spontaneous' Proposal

The boy is hers — much to her surprise.

Brandy told People magazine that her recent proposal to music-executive boyfriend Ryan Press was completely unexpected for both of them.

"It was a spontaneous thing for my fiance," she said while celebrating New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. "He just felt it."

Naturally, the R&B singer sported her sizable engagement ring while attending the New Year's Eve bash on Monday.

"He worked really hard on the ring," Brandy told People. "I'm not a big diamond girl, but I really love this diamond he did. It just represents how he feels about me, and I'm really blessed to have someone like him in my life. He's truly a gift."

But exactly how spontaneous was the engagement? The former "Moesha" star told Sister 2 Sister in late August that she kept "hearing about a ring" though various hints people were dropping.

Regardless, spread some love for the "Dancing With the Stars" castoff: Brandy told VIBE VIxen in October that, prior to meeting Press, she had given up on love. So, whatever her expectations actually were, at least Brandy nabbed more than a "bubble-gum ring," which she claims would have been enough for her to say yes to Press.



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