Brandy On Stress, Kindness And Her Secret Pastime -- World Of Warcraft (VIDEO)

When singer-songwriter Brandy sat down for the new "Who Am I?" web series on Oprah.com, her answers were thoughtful, sincere -- and completely unexpected. While sharing the qualities that define her, the former "Moesha" actress revealed her secret pastime.

"When things get too stressed or too heavy, I either journal or…I play World of Warcraft," she says with a grin.

Also in the video, Brandy shares how she learned to temper another stressful situation in her life: her relationship with her mother and manager, Sonja Norwood.

Growing up, Brandy says there was friction between her and her mom. Now at age 35, Brandy says she's learned to make peace. "I realized that my mom just wanted to be right," she says. "Instead of fighting with her or going back and forth with her, I just said you know what -- it's really about showing her love at this point and letting her be right. I made the decision that the greatest good would be if I just allow her to have her way and be the bigger person in the moment."

Brandy shares that she always tries to take other people's feelings into consideration, sometimes to a fault. "I try to treat people the way I want to be treated," she says. "Kindness is not weakness, its strength. So don't take advantage of me just because I'm treating you like a human being should be treated."

Like everyone, Brandy says she feels moments of weakness. "I don't think it's my strength, I think it's the strength of God -- I really believe that," she says. "My strength always reveals itself and I don’t want it to ever stop. "

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