Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Fan, Branka Delic, By Walking Her Down The Aisle (VIDEO)

Bride's Awesome Story Is About To Make You Fall Seriously In Love With Jon Bon Jovi

How do you make the best day of a bride's life even better? Add a little Jon Bon Jovi.

Australian bride Branka Delic is a die-hard fan of the 80s rocker, and since marrying the Bon Jovi front man himself wasn't an option, Delic set up a website and Facebook page in the hope that her idol would still be a part of her Las Vegas wedding.

"In Branka’s mind, the wedding gods have come together because JBJ is performing at MGM Grand that same night," the website states. "Bon Jovi…we’re begging you….make this wedding happen. There is plenty of time in the afternoon for you to come and walk her down the aisle before the show."

Not only did Bon Jovi hear her plea, he turned up to surprise Delic on Saturday at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, where he himself was married in 1989, according to Yahoo.

Story continues after Tweet.

Bon Jovi walked the starstruck bride down the aisle, and the wedding to her fiancé Gonzalo “Gonzo” Cladera went off without a hitch.

She tweeted the next day, "Thanks, Jon. You're an amazing human being for taking the time with us. See you in Sydney."

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