Branko's Bottom

I heard tell of a tale of a child, aged five, a girl, was standing beside a grown man when he made the reckless move of stooping. His flat ass, in gray slacks, directly in front of the little girl's face. She lunged and sank in her baby teeth.

Immediately the child began to scream and shriek. The grown man stood up and swiveled around.

The girl had her small hands clamped to her mouth. Blood bubbled through her chubby fingers.

The child's face was a mess of tears and blood and when she grimaced there was a red raw hole in place of her front teeth.

Suddenly the man clutched at his behind, the rip in his trousers, he rubbed the spot. The man stared at the child in disbelief.

'Ma que?' he demanded, because despite being Serbian he only ever spoke Italian.

The child's teeth were never located and to this day the whereabouts of the teeth remains a mystery. How to clinically diagnose such tendencies? What can such antisocial behavior mean?

Was an ass at eye level simply too tempting to a budding baby vampire?