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Branson Centre Jamaica Summit: HuffPost Small Business Board Of Directors Kick Off Mentoring Program

In an effort to promote mentorship and foster an ongoing dialogue about the state of entrepreneurship, HuffPost Small Business and Virgin Unite will join together this week for a first-of-its-kind summit at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Twelve members of the HuffPost Small Business Board of Directors, along with 11 entrepreneurs from the Branson Centre, will convene starting on Thursday for three days of mentoring, roundtable discussions and networking with members of the Jamaican entrepreneurial community. The event marks the kickoff of the Branson Centre's pilot mentoring program, an idea that first took shape during the grand opening in September.

"The chance to have a group of established and inspirational entrepreneurs willing to share their stories with our own entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journeys, to offer insights on the development of our mentorship model and to interact with our local community is a great privilege for us and we want to ensure the experience is both intellectually stimulating -- and a whole lot of fun!" said Lisa Lake, chief development officer of the Branson Centre.

For members of the HuffPost Small Business Board of Directors, which includes Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson, the summit marks an opportunity to give back to their fellow entrepreneurs, while tapping one another's knowledge and experience for their own ventures.

"One of the greatest things about entrepreneurs is how much they love to help one another learn and grow," said Rod Kurtz, executive editor of HuffPost Small Business. "So we thought, what better way to demonstrate this than by bringing our Board of Directors down to Montego Bay and work with the rising entrepreneurial stars at the Branson Centre. Richard and the whole Virgin Unite team have been big supporters of ours and we're thrilled to show our support for all the great work happening at the Branson Centre."

Attendees from the HuffPost Board of Directors will include:

Attendees from the Branson Centre will include:

  • Lisa Lake, Chief Development Officer, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - Caribbean
  • Clara Maguire, Virgin Unite
  • Patrick Casserly, Director, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • Paula Kerr-Jarrett, Director, Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship
  • Edris Whyte, Founder,
  • Bianca Bartley, Founder, Peace-is of Bianca
  • Robyn Fox, Founder, Mount Edge Guest House, Food Basket and EITS Cafe
  • Simone Bell, Founder, Ideatrade
  • Andrew Khan, Founder, Moringa Labs
  • Joan Webley, Founder, Nanook Enterprises
  • Leanne Talbot, Founder, Island Cycle
  • Kevin Earle, Founder, KRL Supplies
  • Alecia James, Founder, Signature Cakes
  • Edward-Marshall Case, Founder, Edward Case Construction Concepts
  • Andrew Ross, Founder, Seascape Caribbean