Bratz Dolls Reimagined As Extraordinary Women

They're amazing.

An artist is giving Bratz dolls the makeover they desperately need.

The dolls have long been criticized for their revealing outfits and heavy makeup, and parents have raised concerns about what Bratz teach children about women.

For her Mighty Dolls project, Wendy Tsao removes Bratz dolls' makeup and repaints them to look like notable women including J.K Rowling, Malala Yousafzai and Jane Goodall.

Wendy Tsao

Tsao told The Huffington Post that she was inspired by artist Sonja Singh of Tree Change Dolls, who "upcycles" abandoned dolls, repainting their faces to give them a more natural, down-to-earth look.

Tsao also said she has been "overwhelmed" by the response to the dolls so far.

"Many people feel strongly about these dolls and what they represent," she said.

Wendy Tsao

Tsao plans to begin selling the dolls in the next few weeks on eBay. Check out more of her designs below.

Wendy Tsao
Wendy Tsao

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