Brava! Watch This Young Girl Play Piano in Her Sleep


Sleepwalkers often wander aimlessly when in their somnambulant state. But a young lady in New Zealand had a precise destination in mind: her piano.

Isabelle, whose last name is undisclosed for matters of privacy, was caught on camera sleepwalking to her home's upright where, after pressing her left cheek on the wooden frame for support, she formed and played a few chords. The song that emerged, although undecipherable, hints, as the Telegraph explains, "that the girl's subconscious is attempting to physically manifest a dream."

Apparently, Isabelle has a history of sleepwalking performances. She once "came out into the lounge [of her home] sleepwalking and sang 'Bicycle Race' by Queen and then went back to bed," said video-uploader James Hodgson. He said that Isabelle awoke the next day and said she'd had a dream in which she sand the song at a concert -- more clues that her dreaming self was trying to will forth its creative pursuits.

-- Matt Berical
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