Brave Beachgoers Take Huge Chance To Rescue Tiger Shark

Would you risk it?

They took a risk and a shark in trouble appears to have reaped the reward.

Swimmers at a Honolulu-area beach Sunday are being credited with rescuing a tiger shark that had two large fish hooks lodged in its mouth, NBC News reported.

In the video above, watch one of the men pull the distressed shark from the water. Micah Arnold and Marco Perez work frantically to cut the hooks out to the cheers of onlookers, the Express noted. Then came the delicate and dangerous task of carrying the shark back into the water without being bitten.

The brave beachgoers could have been in danger. The creature was identified in media reports as a tiger shark. According to National Geographic, tiger sharks "have a duly earned reputation as man-eaters. They are second only to great whites in attacking people."

Here's a longer version of what happened:

Silky sharks in Jardines de la Reina archipelago in Cuba.

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