'Brave' Redheads: Send Us Photos Of Your Redheaded Kids

"Brave" is Pixar's first movie to feature a female protagonist. (In her Parents' Guide to the film, Kristen Howerton writes that some may see it as "the first feminist princess movie"). But as HuffPost's Joe Satran notes, it's certainly not the first Pixar film to feature redheads (although it "could quite possibly have the largest share of redheaded characters of any major studio release in the history of color cinema"):

Every movie the studio has made -- aside from those, like "Cars" and "A Bug's Life," that are not about humans -- has featured at least one redhead. Judging from Pixar's oeuvre, one would never guess that fewer than 2 percent of the people alive today have red hair.

As a tribute to princess Merida, we asked readers to send in pictures of their own redheaded darlings. Check out the slideshow below for a dose of ginger goodness, and use the "Add a slide" button to add your own!