Braves-Brewers Fight: Carlos Gomez, Brian McCann Ignite Brawl After Home Run (VIDEO)

Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann does not take kindly to opposing hitters who admire home runs. For the second time this month, the Braves' backstop was at the center of major league melee ignited by a hitter appreciating his own handiwork. Previously, Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez made the mistake of marveling at his own homer. On Wednesday night at Turner Field, Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez drew the ire of McCann and the Braves.

The trouble started when the Brewers' All-Star took his time getting out of the batter's box after crushing a home run to left-center field off Paul Maholm in the top of the first inning. The Braves' lefty appeared to have some choice words for Gomez once he finally shuffled off toward first. Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman then gave Gomez an earful as he rounded the base. At that point, Gomez was hollering back. Before he reached third base, Gomez appeared to point at his leg while jawing with Maholm, perhaps a reference to the pitcher plunking him earlier this season. Regardless, Gomez soon found his path to home plate blocked by McCann. The Braves' catcher had met Gomez about 20 feet up the third-base line. As those two got in each other's faces, both benches cleared and the brawl was on. Punches were thrown as the scrum moved toward the backstop. All the while, Gomez never did touch home plate.

When peace was restored at Turner Field, Gomez had still yet to touch home plate. He never would but the umpires determined the run counted because of McCann's obstruction, per Gomez, Freeman and Braves catcher Gerald Laird were ejected before play resumed with the Brewers leading 1-0.

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